Boska Holland Oak Partyclette ToGo

Boska Holland

$ 25.00


The Partyclette ToGo Oak from the Life Collection makes it possible have a raclette party anywhere, anytime. With a pleasing dark wooden frame, a barbeclette, 3 tea lights and a special handy spatula for serving the melted cheese onto baguette slices or toast, this item is fun, easy, and offers something special. Bestseller!


1. INSTALLATION Tip up the metal sides of the frame and put the three tea-warmers inside. Fold out the Barbeclette and place it on the frame. Your Partyclette is now ready for use.

2. USE Make sure that the whole device remains stable and stands on a fireproof surface! Clean the Barbeclette prior to first use (see Cleaning). Light the wax lights, put a slice of cheese on the Barbeclette, place it on the frame and you will have delightful molten cheese in no time. You can use the spatula to easily push the cheese of the Barbeclette. TIP The Barbeclette can also be used on the barbecue.

3. CLEANING Make sure that the Partyclette has fully cooled down before you use it. Never immerse the frame with the wooden parts in water or another liquid. Wipe off these parts with a damp cloth with soap. Clean the Barbeclette with warm water and soap. Never use hard brushes, abrasive materials, disinfectants, soda-containing or aggressive cleaning agents on the Partyclette.


Original Raclette Recipe
Raclette cheese (200g)
2 cooked potatoes
4 mushroom slices
4 onion rings
2 avocado slices
4 olives
3 pineapple pieces
3 cherry tomatoes fresh or dried herbs
3 ham/salami/pepperoni slices


Slice and cut all the ingredients into attractive bite size pieces and arrange in bowls or serving platters and place on dinner table when you are ready to start. Place pot of potatoes on stone side of grill to keep warm. Take a slice of cheese and lay it on a pan, top with some capsicum, mushroom, onion. Allow to grill and then pour over potato or crusty bread. Add freshly ground pepper. Then try other combinations.