Saxon Creamery Snowfields Butterkase - Galena River Wine and Cheese
Wisconsin Cheese

Saxon Creamery Snowfields Butterkase

Saxon Creamery

$ 8.88

2016 World Dairy Expo Championship - 1st Place (Grand Champion)

Saxon Creamery is partnered with 5th generation Wisconsin dairy farm, Saxon Homestead Farm and their 500 Jersey/Holstein crossbred cows to produce high quailty award winning cheese.  

During late fall and early winter, the Saxon herd produces a unique milk, high in protein and cream. Head cheesemaker, Ed Steltenpohl, uses the milk to produce a Wisconsin take on a German cheese.

This cheese has rich, creamy texture with flavors of sweet milk and Parmesan notes. Sometimes you may even get a little crunch from the lactic acid crystals that form during the aging process. 

Enjoy Snowfields with crusty, hearty breads and soup. It's also great served with aged lager beers and dry wines. 

With this limited-availability milk, we handcraft Snowfields, aging it six months. The cheese wheels rotate through three aging rooms, from winter through late summer, to develop its unique flavor characteristics. 

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