Jamondor Platinum Serrano Ham 12-18 months-Galena River Wine and Cheese

Jamondor Platinum Serrano Ham 12-18 months


$ 11.50

Jamón serrano  or Serrano ham literally means "ham from the sierra, or mountains". It is a dry-cured Spanish ham from the lanrace breed of white pigs. Considered a delicacy going back to the Roman Empire with a stronger flavor and firmer texture than Italian proscuitto

Jamondor is a family-run business with more than 40 years of history. From its origins they worked with the maximum Quality, selecting the best raw materials and taking the products to the longest possible aging points.

To maintain quality, our charcuterie inventory is constantly refreshing. We cannot guarantee that a charcuterie is in stock at a quantity sufficient to fill on order.  Orders for out of stock or limited quantities will be notified, substitutions recommended and purchases partially or wholly refunded if necessary.  

1-2 day shipping is required at checkout.  Charcuterie is shipped on Monday - Wednesday in insulated packaging with cold packs.  Cheese should be refrigerated immediately after receipt.  

All our orders are sliced by hand. Slicing charcuterie is an inexact art.  Weights are approximate and will vary.