Hard Cheese Knife Oak

Boska Holland

$ 15.00

You can cut through hard and very hard cheeses with ease with the Hard Cheese Knife Oak. This super sharp cheese knife has been sharpened on both sides. The knife is made of hardened steel, which means it won't bend while you're exerting a lot of force. Got some extremely hard cheeses lying around? Then you simply must have this cheese knife! 


Stylish look

The classic wooden design gives this knife a super stylish look. The handle lies comfortably in your hand. This cheese knife comes with a 10 year guarantee. It's best to wash the knife by hand due to the oak wood handle.



Spread the cheesy cheer

This powerhouse is a definite eye catcher in your kitchen! Lacking inspiration for gifts for family and friends? Put a smile on cheese lovers’ faces with this Boska warrior!