Marieke® Gouda Plain Mature (6-9 months)

Marieke® Gouda Plain Mature (6-9 months)

Marieke Gouda

$ 24.00

Marieke® Gouda Mature 6-9: Expert, Licensed cheesemaker, Marieke Penterman and her team, handcraft traditional Dutch Goudas using the time-tested, Old World, cheesemaking methods Marieke brought with her when she emigrated from the Netherlands. Marieke transforms farmstead-fresh, raw, cow’s milk from her family farm into award-winning cheese, which is then carefully cured on imported Dutch pine planks in temperature and humidity-controlled aging cellars. Rich and full-flavored with a subtle bite and caramel notes.


Pair with dried cherries and candied pecans, Zinfandel or spiced rum.




2017 - US Cheese Championship (3rd place in Gouda Aged Class).


2014 - World Cheese Championship.

2013 - American Cheese Society.

2013 - US Cheese Championship.

2012 - World Cheese Championship.

2010 - World Dairy Expo.

2010 - Wisconsin State Fair.

2009 - American Cheese Society Contest held in Austin TX.

2009 - World Cheese Contest held in Gran Canaria, Spain.