Jacobs & Brichford Briana with Truffles-Galena River Wine and Cheese

Jacobs & Brichford Briana with Truffles

Jacobs & Brichford

$ 14.00

Leslie Jacobs and Matthew Brichford haved lived on the Brichford family farm since 1981 producing farmstead cheese in a sustainable way. All the milk used in their cheese is produced on their farm, from grass-fed, Jersey, Normande and Tarentaise cross cows. 

Briana with Truffles is a semi-firm, smear-ripened cheese with Italian truffles blending in the creamy paste. Aged a minimum of 60 days, herbaceous and slightly nutty Briana is combined with vibrant, garlicky Italian truffle paste and aroma. The combination yields a meaty and earthy cheese that can not only be eaten alone, but is delicious in pizza, grilled sandwiches and vegetable dishes.

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