Emmentaler AOP Aged 6 months-Galena River Wine and Cheese

Emmentaler AOP Aged 6 months


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Gentle, lush green slopes, pretty villages, farmhouses that hide beneath giant roofs, and wide, richly decorated courtyards signify the magical character of the area from which this great cheese originates. Each wheel is a piece of the finest handicraft as practiced in village cheese dairies for several centuries. Its tradition, appearance and outstanding quality make the Emmentaler AOP the world’s undisputed King of Cheese. The milk used comes from happy cows, which are mainly fed with grass and hay from the farms themselves. Immediately after milking, the milk goes straight to the nearby village cheese dairy. There, the cheese master processes the fresh natural raw milk into the finest Emmentaler AOC every day. 


Master Cheesemakers

Only ten passionate master cheesemakers produce the Emmentaler AOP for Gourmino. They live with their families in a small village or mountain dairies and care passionately about their handcraft.



After the cheese have been ripened in dairy for a number of weeks, they are brought to the Gourmino ripening cellar. Only the best cheeses are suitable for the long affinage process. Flowering meadow Local farmers deliver fresh milk to the dairy twice a day. They live in a distance of max. 3 kilometer to the dairy and have 8 to 20 cows. They know their cows mostly by name, pasture them on succulent flowering meadows in the summer and feed them sun dried hay in the winter. This is the reason why our wheel labels carry flowers all over the wheels. The milk is rich in nutrients and is the basis for the quality and unique character of each cheese.

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