Gourmino Sbrinz AOP 36 month-Galena River Wine and Cheese

Gourmino Sbrinz AOP 36 month


$ 16.00

Sbrinz AOP is known as the oldest European cheese. To this day, it is still produced as it was then: from fresh raw milk. Because the Sbrinz cows eat only grass and hay, the cheese contains no artificial additives and is lactose-free.

Sbrinz AOP is an extra hard cheese and must ripen at least for 16 months. But it‘s full flavour only develops after about 2 years, which is the reason why our Sbrinz AOP will not be sold before a ripening time of 36 months. For this long period of maturing we need best quality. We therefore purchase it exclusively from cheesemaker Andreas Gut, Alp Chüeneren. Our Alpage Sbrinz AOP is furthermore produced after the strict specifications of Slow Food.

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