Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese Bleu Gouda-Galena River Wine and Cheese

Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese Bleu Gouda

Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese

$ 14.00

Kenny's Farmhouse was a Kentucky dairy farm for several years before we began making cheese, so you could say that even before the origins of Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese, their focus was on the milk. Kenny sought to set a new standard fro dairy farming in the region. With great speed,  the size of the herd was doubled as was each animal's milk production due to greater care, superior cow comfort, and better nutrition. They have a closed herd. The milk is rBGH Free, there feed crops are non GMO, and only use antibiotics if the animals life is at risk.

Using their Gouda recipe as a starting point. The base stays creamy, and they let the curd stay slightly more open than our regular Gouda to allow the tiny little crystalline delicious flecks of blue migrate throughout thewheel. A piercing process creates further developement and finally the wheels are put to rest for roughly 60 days in their Blue Cave.

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