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Kenny's Farmhouse Smoked Kentucky Bleu

Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese

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Kenny's Farmhouse was a Kentucky dairy farm for several years before we began making cheese, so you could say that even before the origins of Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese, their focus was on the milk. Kenny sought to set a new standard fro dairy farming in the region. With great speed,  the size of the herd was doubled as was each animal's milk production due to greater care, superior cow comfort, and better nutrition. They have a closed herd. The milk is rBGH Free, there feed crops are non GMO, and only use antibiotics if the animals life is at risk.

Kentucky Bleu has been a go-to for their cheese fans that like a nice bold and creamy bleu reminiscent of a Roquefort, or something of the like that they may have experienced overseas. Over the years Kenny's have developed a relationship with Lewis Shuckman, of Shuckman’s Smoked Fish in Louisville. He is known for his excellent smoked salmon, whitefish, and Kentucky Spoonfish Caviar. They sent him some wheels of Kentucky Bleu and he smoked them over Applewood for 20 minutes or so. The results were unbelievable and have slowly started working this into their regular rotation. The sweetness of the applewood comes across really effectively and mixed with the added cream creates a dessert-like profile. There is an added step to getting the smoke to happen, so it aint cheap….but those who have experienced it keep coming back!

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