Sequatchie Nickajack-Galena River Wine and Cheese

Sequatchie Nickajack

Sequatchie Cove

$ 17.00

2015 American Cheese Society - 3rd Place - Soft-Ripened Washed Rind Category

Nickajack is named for Nickajack Cave, a local Tennessee River cavern with a storied past and a Cherokee name. In addition to housing a large colony of endangered grey bats, Civil War era saltpeter mining, tourism (including a dance floor at one time!), and an intentional 1960’s dam flood, the cave is also the site of Johnny Cash's attempted suicide-turned-spiritual enlightenment. 

Tasting notes: Nickajack is a toothsome sliceable cheese with a meaty buttery paste. Washed for its entire aging with a hard cider brine, its edible rind varies from golden brown to orange-red in color and hints at fresh apples in aroma.

Pairs nicely with: Sweeter hard ciders, brown and amber ales, maple bacon, and mustards. Melts wonderfully in mac and cheese or atop a pizza.

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