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Milton's Flory Truffle

What is a truckle? In the old English language, a Truckle means cylinder shape. Traditionally, Old World cheddars are formed in truckles.

Milton Creamery worked hand-in-hand with the Flory Family of Jamesport, Missouri to develop this aged clothbound cheddar. 

Instead of aging it in plastic, this cheese is aged with the cheesecloth left on the outside, allowed to dry for ten days, then coated with lard to minimize mold penetration, and aged for twelve months. The cloth allows the cheese to breathe resulting in a dry, crumbly texture.

What comes to fruition, this is a cheddar with an unparalleled sweet aroma, nutty taste and a rich grassy flavor.

It’s a must-have on any cheese board as it has the perfect balance of sweet, salt and tart that keeps you coming back for another bite.

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To maintain quality, our cheese inventory is constantly refreshing. We cannot guarantee that a cheese is in stock at a quantity sufficient to fill on order. Orders for out of stock or limited quantities will be notified, substitutions recommended and purchases partially or wholly refunded if necessary. 

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All our orders are sliced by hand. Slicing cheese is an inexact art.  Weights are approximate and will vary. 

Shipping Cheese

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