Marieke® Golden (9-12 months)

Marieke® Golden (9-12 months)

Marieke Gouda

$ 24.00

Inspired by the great Dutch cheeses, this creamy, semi-soft, American Original boasts a flavor profile rich in nuttiness with hints of sweet fruit. Handcrafted by award winning cheesemaker Marieke Penterman and her team, this raw milk beauty is carefully aged on Dutch pine planks in our aging room. Marieke Golden is crafted with vegetable rennet and farmstead fresh cow's milk piped straight into the processing vat after the first milking of the day where it is made into cheese within mere hours. Its freshness is unrivaled. Its soft, buttery texture, creamy mouthfeel and pleasantly sweet aroma result in a new American classic.

Pair with cured meats, sturdy crackers and olives. Honey, dried apricots and spiced nuts. Dark rum, Stout or buttery Chardonnay.


2017 - US Cheese Championship (2nd place in Open Class: Semi-Soft Cheeses)

2015 - US Cheese Championship.

2015 - Nantwich International Cheese Awards, UK

2014 - World Cheese Championship

2013 - World Cheese Contest UK

2012 - US Cheese Championship