Eatable Popcorn 100g

Petersen Family Farm

$ 11.00

EATABLE creates refined snacks for Modern Connoisseurs. Their alcohol-infused gourmet flavours are inspired by classic cocktails, wine and spirits for a sophisticated taste and texture worthy of those who truly appreciate the good stuff

Pop the Salt and Tequila

Air-popped whole grain popcorn coated in a luxuriously smooth and crunchy añejo tequila-infused caramel, and sprinkled with lemon salt. Double-baked to deliver a perfect, satisfying crunch.

Whisky on the Pops

Air-popped whole grain popcorn coated in a luxuriously smooth and crunchy scotch whisky-infused caramel. Double-baked to deliver a perfect, satisfying crunch.

Pop the Champagne

Kettle-popped white kernels of whole grain popcorn are coated in a smooth, premium Belgian white chocolate infused with natural champagne extract. They're then sprinkled with sugar crystals that literally "Pop" in your mouth for a sensory-filled snacking experience like no other!

Poppin' Merlot PB&J

A childhood favorite gets a sophisticated remix. Air-popped whole grain popcorn with a mix of kernels coated in smooth, chewy peanut butter and a luxurious merlot jelly, then slow-baked to perfection.

Peach Bellini

Air-popped whole grain popcorn kernels coated in a subtly crisp candy infused with Ontario Peach Wine. Finished with a splash of prosecco. Light on the palate, its the perfect balance of sweetness with a hint of citrusy tartness. Perfectly paired with your favourite easy-drinking white wine on the patio!


You'll only find NATURAL INGREDIENTS in EATABLE products - NO artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners, or preservatives ever.


They use non-GMO corn kernels are locally sourced, then popped and bagged fresh from their Toronto production facility, so you can enjoy the best taste and texture.


EATABLE was founded by husband & wife team, Charlene + Vince. As a health-conscious couple who appreciates the finer things in life, they always believed the best food is made fresh with REAL everyday ingredients. Cheers!