Galena River Wine & Cheese Coffee Cuvée 12 oz

Galena Roasters

$ 16.00

We have traveled all over the world talking with people that produce wine and cheese.  It is interesting how the language may vary, but the passion, art and science always comes through.  When our friend, Earl, talks coffee his words, mannerisms, and excitement reminds us of conversations we have had in France, Italy, Oregon and even the dairies of Wisconsin. 

Earl rejected our request to create a blend for us.  Rather, he insisted we create the blend under his guidance.  After multiple cuppings, our vision came through in our Coffee Cuvée.  We enjoy a wine blend that evolves through a series of flavors that emerge and yield.  With Earl's help, we achieved this with a berry, fruit forward start that yields to sweeter toffee and chocolate notes, with a hint of nuttiness in the background.