Pommery Dejon Mustard 3.5oz


$ 9.00

Dijon Mustard is a smooth mustard perfect for mustard chicken recipes or slathered on a fresh baguette topped with ham. Incredible flavor without overpowering your dish.

As early as 1771, there were mustard makers in Meaux, at a scale which was rather industrial for that time. The secret of Meaux Mustard had been passed on to J.B. Pommery by the Chanoines and alongside his mustard company, he exploited a millstone quarry. By 1890, the Pommery family were the only mustard makers left. Today, Pommery's Meaux Mustard has kept the same recipe as in the past and its ingredients are carefully selected for their different qualities, which gives the product a quality that many people have tried to imitate. The quality of the stoneware used, the most natural products, and the natural non-compressed cork allows its conservation and helps it to cross the planet in all directions.