Red Bear Provisions Haute Porc Dry Salami 8oz-Galena River Wine and Cheese

Red Bear Provisions Haute Porc Dry Salami 8oz

Red Bear Provisions

$ 16.00

Inspired by the trendsetting salamis hailing from Italy, Haute Pore Dry Salami is the new black.  It is rich, bold and utterly delicious. 

Haute Pore begins with premium cuts of the best all natural pork never treated with hormones or antibiotics.  The pork is coarsely ground before flavorful chunks of backfat are added to the mix.  The mixture is seasoned with an array of traditional spices.  White wine and garlic permeate the meat adding intensity and flavor.  The salami rests for several days so the flavors can marinade prior to fermentation.  The salami is dried for months until the perfect balance of porcine flavor and silky texture is achieved.