Schallenberg Mountain-Galena River Wine and Cheese

Schallenberg Mountain


$ 16.00

Schallenberg Mountain is made with the remaining milk from Emmentaler AOP production and is the only cream added mountain cheese.  Master Cheesemaker Hansruedi Gasser produces the raw milk cheese in the shadow of Schallenberg Mountain.  During the first twelve hours after production, the cheeses are turned every two hours. In the following 4 to 6 weeks Hansruedi cares for the young cheese wheels daily by hand with the salted water smear. Once Schallenberg has developed a healthy and solid rind, it is aged in the mountain for 10 to 12. Deep inside the mountain, nature provides us with a perfect climate for ripening cheeses. It is here that Schallenberg develops its typical aromatic character under the constant supervision of our affineurs.

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